Regulated money market funds (MMFs) in the U.S. have become an intense area of focus for policymakers – yet again. After these funds performed poorly in the global financial crisis of 2008, policymakers spent several years deliberating and implementing extensive changes in 2010 and again in 2016. These changes were intended to make both government and prime (credit) MMFs less vulnerable to market volatility and better positioned to meet investor liquidity demands, especially during periods of broad-based market illiquidity.

While these regulatory changes were well-intentioned– and some achieved their policy goals – prime MMFs, in particular, ran into issues again during the unprecedented market turbulence of March 2020. Several fund sponsors and the Federal Reserve had to step in to shore up the funds, causing many policymakers to call for additional reforms.

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The Author

Jerome M. Schneider

Portfolio Manager

Libby Cantrill

U.S. Public Policy

Kenneth Chambers

Fixed Income Strategist



A “safe haven” is an investment that is perceived to be able to retain or increase in value during times of market volatility. Investors seek safe havens to limit their exposure to losses in the event of market turbulence. All investments contain risk and may lose value.

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