EqS® Long/Short Fund


Updated August 22, 2019


Seeks long-term capital appreciation

Primary Portfolio

Long and short positions of equity and equity-related securities, and cash and cash equivalents


Fund Overview

High-conviction stock picking with a focus on downside risk mitigation

With the flexibility to increase or decrease equity market exposure, this fund seeks to offer investors access to the long-term benefits of owning stocks while also preserving their capital during extended market declines.

Why Invest In This Fund

Best ideas approach

The fund seeks to provide capital appreciation by constructing a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio of long and short investments. The fund’s ability to take sizeable positions in its best ideas provides the potential for attractive long-term returns, but may also result in volatility in the short-term.

Actively managed equity market exposure

The fund has the flexibility to increase or decrease equity market exposure by adjusting its mix of long, short and cash positions. It will tend to have more equity market exposure when attractive investment opportunities are plentiful and will take steps to reduce equity market exposure when there is an absence of compelling ideas or when risks appear to outweigh reward.

Time-tested investment strategy

The fund integrates bottom-up, fundamental research and top-down macroeconomic views. The strategy has been tested for over a decade through various market environments. PIMCO’s global investment platform and macroeconomic expertise serve to enhance the investment process.

Our Expertise

Portfolio manager John Devir, a highly skilled long/short equity investor with more than two decades of experience in the space, is backed by the full spectrum of PIMCO’s recourses, including our robust economic insights, cyclical and secular views and extensive global investment platform.


3 Month USD LIBOR Index


The 3 Month USD LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) Index is an average interest rate, determined by the ICE Benchmark Administration, that banks charge one another for the use of short-term money (3 months) in England's Eurodollar market. It is not possible to invest in an unmanaged index.








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