Global Advantage® Strategy Bond Fund


Updated October 11, 2019


Seeks total return which exceeds that of its benchmarks, consistent with prudent investment management

Primary Portfolio

U.S. and non-U.S. fixed income instruments


Fund Overview

A fundamental transformation in core bond investing

An actively managed, core bond solution, the fund invests flexibly across developed and high-quality emerging markets, incorporating inflation-linked bonds and emerging market currencies to proactively protect against the threat of rising rates.

Why Invest In This Fund

A broad global opportunity set

The fund draws on PIMCO’s global resources and investment process to actively manage what we believe are the most attractive fixed income opportunities – including developed and emerging markets, corporate and government securities, currencies and inflation-related assets.

All-in-one global fixed income strategy

The fund may fit into an investor's portfolio as all-in-one strategy to gain broad global fixed income and currency exposure. It can also be used as complement to an existing core allocation that provides access to the entire global marketplace.

Guarding against the "debt wave"

The fund also aims to avoid over-allocation to excessive borrowers, given the growing concerns about the creditworthiness of certain countries. Moreover, the fund navigates an evolving continuum between developed and emerging market investments – taking the asset allocation decisions out of the hands of clients and putting it into the hands of PIMCO experts.

Our Expertise

Andrew Balls, CIO Global, managing director and head of European portfolio management is at the helm of this strategy supported by PIMCO's talented portfolio management resources located around the world. Moreover, the portfolio benefits from PIMCO's four decades of active bond management experience and the expertise of its international portfolio managers from developed market rates specialists to emerging markets portfolio managers, inflation-linked bond experts to credit research analysts.


Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate (USD Unhedged) Index


Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate (USD Unhedged) Index provides a broad-based measure of the global investment-grade fixed income markets. The three major components of this index are the U.S. Aggregate, the Pan-European Aggregate, and the Asian-Pacific Aggregate Indices. The index also includes Eurodollar and Euro-Yen corporate bonds, Canadian Government securities, and USD investment grade 144A securities. It is not possible to invest directly in an unmanaged index.


PIMCO Global Advantage Bond Index (GLADI) (USD, Partially Hedged)


The PIMCO Global Advantage Bond Index® (GLADI) (USD, Partially Hedged) is a diversified global index that covers a wide spectrum of global fixed income opportunities and sectors, from developed to emerging markets, nominal to real asset, and cash to derivative instruments. Unlike traditional indices, which are frequently comprised of bonds weighted according to their market capitalization, GLADI uses GDP-weighting which puts an emphasis on faster-growing areas of the world and thus makes the index forward-looking in nature. PIMCO's GLADI methodology is intellectual property covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,306,892. GLOBAL ADVANTAGE and GLADI are trademarks of Pacific Investment Management Company LLC. It is not possible to invest directly in an unmanaged index.


Monthly with Daily Accrual






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