PIMCO's financial institutions business comprises three key areas: general accounts, variable annuities and banks.

Financial Institutions Approach Fig1

General Accounts

  • Managing general account assets since PIMCO's inception in 1971
  • Dedicated General Account portfolio management team that translates the firm’s investment thesis into portfolios appropriate for insurance companies
  • Dedicated servicing team accustomed to the specificity of insurance company reporting, requirements, and benchmarking
  • Long-term investment orientation consistent with insurance company investment objectives
  • Top-down process designed to help identify appropriate sectors, industries, etc.
  • Bottom-up analytical resources are applied to help find the most appropriate investments within desirable sectors and industries allowing real time comparison to your views and outlook

Variable Annuities

  • Range of structures to meet the needs of our client base (e.g., VIT Variable Insurance Trust, separate accounts)
  • Variety of investment strategies available on either a stand-alone basis or in model portfolios
  • Strategic focus on solutions that seek to mitigate the risks associated with equity portfolios
  • PIMCO institutional wholesalers provide extensive U.S. field marketing support for national sales meetings, internal sales desks, individual wholesaler events


PIMCO has adapted its investment process and management approach in an effort to address the accounting and regulatory constraints of bank investment portfolios. Strategic advantages of a PIMCO partnership:

  • High quality investment and specialized liquidity objectives designed to address individual bank investment portfolio needs
  • Partner with an investment manager whose interests are aligned with those of the bank in a fiduciary capacity
  • Investment portfolio transparency and asset custody achieved through a separate account
  • PIMCO’s investment process supports asset allocation decisions, individual investment selection and new regulatory requirements

PIMCO offers BOLI/COLI strategies ranging from constrained mortgage assignments to investment grade corporate bonds to relatively unconstrained absolute return strategies

  • Time-tested experience in managing stable value strategies and compliance with diversification rules
  • Variety of investment vehicles ranging from VIT Variable Insurance Trust to separate accounts

Financial Insititutions

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