Early Career Recruiting and Development Program

The PIMCO Early Career Recruiting and Development Program is for junior employees at the Analyst, Associate and new MBA level. The objectives of the program are as follows:

Every new graduate participates in the PIMCO Fundamentals training program, which provides the skills, knowledge and relationships necessary to begin your career on a solid foundation. Informal training continues throughout your years at PIMCO – every day, in a perpetual learning environment.

PIMCO Fundamentals
The training program begins in July of each year with two weeks of classroom training focused on a wide range of topics, including an overview of the firm and its culture, the investment process, an introduction to PIMCO's investment strategies, compliance and risk management, and systems and applications.

Ongoing Training
Following PIMCO Fundamentals, our Learning & Development team partners with each business area in delivering ongoing training focused on critical jobrelated knowledge and skills.

Mentoring Program
PIMCO's mentoring program offers support to new graduates in their early PIMCO careers. Each new graduate is assigned a mentor who can serve as a trusted resource and assist with integration into the firm.

PIMCO is committed to a mentoring culture, promoting the development of both formal and informal mentoring relationships throughout one's career.

Additional Resources and Benefits for Career Development

Onsite graduate admission meetings
PIMCO hosts graduate schools onsite to help support employees' professional development plans toward an advance degree.

Tuition reimbursement
PIMCO offers a tuition reimbursement program.

Professional certifications
PIMCO provides reimbursement for select professional certifications (CFA, CAIA, CIMA).

MBA return program
PIMCO employees who pursue a full-time MBA degree may apply for tuition reimbursement if they receive a full-time offer to return to PIMCO in a post-MBA role. As a high-performance organization, PIMCO is committed to maintaining relationships with top performers who choose to pursue a full-time MBA degree.

Emerging Enterprise Program (EEP)
One of the PIMCO Careers's flagship programs is the EEP, through which we donate human capital and funding to help entrepreneurs in emerging countries build new businesses and improve their lives. The EEP goes beyond helping the poor; it also gives select PIMCO employees the opportunity to use their talents to help entrepreneurs in emerging countries even more directly.

Internal mobility (regional and functional)
There is no single career path for an individual at PIMCO. Given the firm's growth and evolving business needs, opportunities are diverse. PIMCO supports functional and regional mobility based on business need and personal interest.