This was the final week of our stay in Peru. On Tuesday, we went on a field trip to San Jose with TecnhoServe’s (TNS) communication team from Washington, D.C. We visited another cocoa farm and attended a small farmer training session. The rest of the week, I worked on my final project presentation in Spanish. Presenting in Spanish was definitely challenging but I got some help from my local Spanish teacher with editing and a practice run. The amazing experience during these two months came to an end with the final project presentation in front of TNS employees on Friday afternoon. A volunteer consultant joined us during the question answer session, which was helpful for me as I was able to explain a few more things in English as well as make some suggestions on improving work efficiency among TNS employees.

This trip has been satisfying and rewarding in many ways. Thanks to PIMCO’s commitments and The PIMCO Foundation’s efforts, I was able to experience a new culture, learn a new language and put my knowledge to work for the improvement of our communities.

The Volunteer

Abhishek Kumar

Senior Portfolio Associate Newport Beach, California

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