Now mid-way through our projects, my focus has on the training material for the entrepreneurs and small businesses. TechnoServe organizes a training session for each component of the business plan which includes strategy, marketing, competitive analysis, target market, costs, financing, organizational structure, and implementation plan. In support of these training sessions, I will create a power point presentation, teacher’s manual and a student workbook. The student workbook includes some exercises from the presentation along with other key concepts. The goal is to help the entrepreneurs and small business owners create their own business plans. Again, all documents have to be clear, concise and in Spanish. I don’t think I have ever used Google translate as many times as I have done on this assignment. Well, it’s one way to improve your Spanish!

It was great to catch the Peru vs. Venezuela World Cup qualifier soccer game with the local crowd on Friday evening. Nothing is better than watching the crowd react when the home team ends up winning after lagging by one goal in the first half.

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Abhishek Kumar

Senior Portfolio Associate Newport Beach, California

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All Asset All Access, March 2017

Chris Brightman, chief investment officer of Research Affiliates, discusses the application of business-cycle models to investing; Michele Mazzoleni, head of macroeconomic research, assesses inflation potential under President Trump; and Rob Arnott, founder, chairman and chief executive officer, dissects conventional wisdom. As always, their insights are in the context of the PIMCO All Asset funds.