We are approaching the end of our program in Peru. This week I was busy finishing up legal steps to constitute and formalize the business in the local Peruvian market and finalizing the rest of the project. On the side, I was helping one of the consultants to small chocolate maker “Nativos” create an interactive business model to handle accounting, sales, production and inventory tracking.

On Friday, we interacted with one of the TechnoServe (TNS) clients, the owner of “Exotic” Chocolates. We got to know more about her business and how TNS helped Exotic in the overall process. On Saturday, there was another field trip. On our way, we met a cooperative owner and heard about his experience with TNS. After more than a two hour drive, we reached the village. The journey was adventurous in its own way. The van had no windows and the door would open every now and then even after being locked from inside. We were greeted with a traditional fermented fruit juice when we arrived. Although I did not like the taste, I couldn’t say no to the cordial offering. We got a chance to interview the owner as well as some of the TNS employees to learn about the latest efforts.

The Volunteer

Abhishek Kumar

Senior Portfolio Associate Newport Beach, California

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