After three weeks in Tarapoto, I am finalizing the first draft of my consultancy package with an emphasis on the importance of marketing, packaging, advertisement, location and points of sale merchandising. The trade fair organized by TechnoServe/USAID is a great way for entrepreneurs and other small businesses to advertise their companies and products.

The preparation for the fair started Saturday morning at Plaza Mayor setting up tents, tables and chairs for 10 small businesses that participated in this event – all with banners, posters and chocolates, pastries, cakes, coffee, dry fruits/nuts products and some cocoa based drinks/liquors. I stopped at every stall and looked at their products, and tasted and bought some chocolate.

Visiting a trade fair can tell you a lot more about the importance of advertising, marketing and customer service. Even when products were very similar in quality and taste, marketing and customer service definitely make the difference in sales figures. I am helping these entrepreneurs analyze sales and establish growth trends.

The Volunteer

Abhishek Kumar

Senior Portfolio Associate Newport Beach, California

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