My project will continue the work of a 2011 PIMCO Emerging Enterprise Program volunteer; I will specifically work on identifying funding sources that the cocoa co-operatives and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can utilize. What attracted me to this program was the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and economies. On Friday, we headed two hours south of Tarapoto into a city called Juanjui to conduct fieldwork. Saturday we went to a small “pueblo” (village) called Balsayacu where TechnoServe staff conducted a best practices training session for a small group of cocoa farmers. The rest of the afternoon was spent out on a cocoa field where all the farmers drew circles around the trees with their feet before sprinkling fistfuls of fertilizer. Early Sunday morning, we participated in a cooperative meeting to discuss the current cocoa market and opportunities in cocoa tourism. So ends our first week! With one field study down, and another one in Tocache to go, we’re gaining momentum on our individual projects.

The Volunteer

Amy Wang

Account Management Associate London, England

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