On Monday, I visited Caja Nuestra Gente again to pitch to them the idea of having 1-2 designated credit officers that cater specifically to TechnoServe (TNS) clients. Having seen first-hand how nerve-wracking the process is, I wanted to build a bridge between a preferred bank and TNS to facilitate business on both ends. Angel (the TNS community relationship manager) and I sat down with the branch manager, and I was hoping to hear an enthusiastic, “Yes! Send your clients over for loans. Thank you for the additional business.” However, the manager didn’t look too enthused and forced a smile when we shook hands to leave. I did, however, obtain copies of several loan applications from Caja Nuestra Gente and drafted one specifically for TNS clients. The purpose of the TNS loan application sample is to better prepare clients before they set foot in a bank; it’s tailored to both farmers and entrepreneurs and includes a checklist of additional items needed.

On Tuesday, all of the offices for TNS Peru gathered in Tarapoto to celebrate their 30-year anniversary in the country. The all-day event was at a recreation center outside of the city. Teams competed in various indoor and outdoor activities. It was great to see everyone again, as well as meet new friends!

On Wednesday evening, I flew to Lima to attend the Expoalimentaria convention after setting up meetings with several investment funds and lenders. It was a rare opportunity that the Tocache-based cooperative managers were all present, and all the lenders were available to meet. The meetings were all very informative, and we were able to plan our next steps to apply for a loan.

I found the opportunity to travel to Lima and meet with potential lenders there exciting, and I felt a sense of achievement that I got the ball rolling by finding agricultural lending facilities for the cocoa cooperatives. To work closely with another TNS staff member was mutually beneficial; I was able to tailor my work around a specific client, and he was able to focus on getting the client’s loan documents in order.

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Amy Wang

Account Management Associate London, England

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