Productive week here mostly spent compiling information and interacting with the local staff to better understand nuances of the market. TechnoServe (TNS) Peru has decided to take a closer look at an opportunity outside of Cusco. This involves a higher quality of cacao plant, which could potentially be sold at a significant premium, if harvested and fermented properly. I’ll be going there during week seven along with one of the TNS staff to help validate the opportunity and identify areas for TNS intervention. This is an exciting opportunity, and could make a real impact to a group of impoverished farmers. The San Martin project will get a bit less attention, however there’s already a lot of effort and experience in this area.

Peru hosted Venezuela on Tuesday night in a soccer match, which was critical in determining whether they’ll make it to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. We went to a large venue where the game was shown on a big screen. The entire country is focused on the World Cup qualifiers, and Peru came away with a 1-1 tie against an elite team with some of the world’s best players. Most Peruvians were happy that the team “looked good” in their effort, but Peru missed a penalty kick that would have won the game.

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