This week was spent mostly in the office researching the cacao industry, mostly in Spanish, and learning from the local TechnoServe specialists about their approaches to development. TechnoServe is a decentralized organization with a lot of flexibility to implement a range of visions on the ground. Everyone is moving in the same direction; economic development, and the opportunities to add value are, in many cases, readily apparent and actionable. As such, the local offices have leeway, within carefully observed overall frameworks, to incrementally advance broader objectives.

The weekend was the first one that we weren’t booked with either travel or work out in the field. We were able to explore the local markets, and catch up on necessities like laundry and sleep. The town is very quiet on the weekends as a lot of people relax at the river, or generally stay at home outside the village.

The Volunteer

Don Suskind

SVP, Head of ETF Product Management Newport Beach, California

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