We've been in Peru for a little over a month and it only feels like days! This was our first week in the Tarapoto office and it's absolutely incredible. Tarapoto couldn't be more different than Lima, where we’ve been for the past few weeks. The majority of Tarapoto roads are dirt, transportation includes zero traffic laws and is by motorcycle or moto taxi only, and the office literally is outside!

The TechnoServe Tarapoto staff has been so welcoming. They're nearing the implementation stage of a cacao project they've been working on for the last two years and thought it would be helpful to share best practices. They gave us some great ideas that will be applicable to our project and we spent the rest of the week putting together ways to cross those ideas over.

Friday was a national holiday so Victor and I decided to travel to Cusco/Machu Picchu for the weekend. We left Tarapoto Thursday at 10pm, had a layover in Lima, got to Cusco around 8:30am and spent Friday exploring the city. Saturday we took a taxi at 2am to catch a 4am train so we could make it to Machu Picchu to see the sunrise....well worth the sleep deprivation! We hiked for about 7 or 8 hours, then hopped a bus, train, and taxi to make our way back to Cusco and the next day to Tarapoto.

This coming week we all travel to different remote locations in the Andes to do farm visits; should be a great experience (and the hardest language test I've ever taken)!

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Gino Gabbianelli

Internal Advisor Consultant, GWM – Internal Sales New York, New York

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