This week was personally very challenging as Victor and Marissa were both traveling to coffee farms and I was in Tarapoto alone working on some international market analysis. This was the first time I would have to be conversationally functional in Spanish without my colleagues as crutches. I must say, I surprised myself! Although there were some frustrating points throughout the week, I managed to get by both professionally and socially without any major complications.

I spent the week in the office researching the percentage of export price that is captured by farmers in an attempt to understand monthly/annual trends and identify areas of opportunity. After many hours I was able to extract farm level price data for every region in Peru over the last 20 years as well as the export prices for the respective regions. Combining this price data with information we've gathered from field visits, I was able to identify some pretty good areas of opportunity that should play a key role in our final analysis.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit a farm north of Lamas, about 90 minutes from the office. This past week also gave me an opportunity to become closer with the TechnoServe staff. I went to lunch with several of them and one of our colleagues was nice enough to invite me to his home for dinner one evening. Over the weekend I took some time to relax and explore the city on my own and had dinner in Lamas Saturday night with a colleague and two of his was refreshing to take a break from doing something touristy and just enjoy the days! Until next week!

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Gino Gabbianelli

Internal Advisor Consultant, GWM – Internal Sales New York, New York

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