As we wrap up our second week on this project it's becoming more and more evident how short of a time period two months really is. This week we began interviewing coffee experts who play an influential role at every part of the value chain. One of the most consistent problems we're seeing is a lack of organization in the Peruvian coffee sector from smallholder farmers to co-operatives all the way up to exporters and buyers. In most of the interviews, we are trying to verify data we've gathered from our research and gain additional insight from the experts who know the ins and outs of this market. From the majority of our interviews we're getting pretty similar setting a benchmark for our production, revenue, and cost projections shouldn't be too difficult. The challenge lies in using this information to build a case compelling enough to spark a national effort to share best practices, improve quality assurance, and work cohesively as a sector. It will definitely be an interesting challenge!

Over the weekend we tried some new restaurants and explored the local night life. We leave in one week for Tarapoto to do field work study. I'm extremely excited to see another part of Peru and to experience (for the first time in three weeks) some South American sun! Hasta pronto!

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Gino Gabbianelli

Internal Advisor Consultant, GWM – Internal Sales New York, New York

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