TechnoServe is most widely known for its work with coffee farmers, and as such I was surprised to learn that these initiatives have only recently begun in Peru. Today, strategic efforts in the region are now expanding beyond cacao to include coffee and mining.

Despite rapid economic growth, Peru has a long way to go. Resources previously available from foreign aid are now being directed toward "higher priority" countries, leaving local organizations in Peru responsible for fostering economic development for rural farmers and their families. While the rise of coffee cooperatives has grown quickly over the past 10 years, enabling small-holder farmers to become competitive in international markets, Peru’s overall positioning in the global coffee market is still relatively weak. Gino, Victor and I will thus be focusing on three main interventions throughout the next two months:

-Increasing farmer productivity
-Capturing higher margins for farmers by identifying value chain inefficiencies
-Understanding Peruvian specialty coffee's competitive advantages with the aim of capturing a larger portion of the overall coffee market

This project has the potential to impact more than 160,000 farmers, and by extension close to one million people in the region.

The Volunteer

Marissa Garcia

Associate, CF – Institutional, Latin America New York, New York

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