This marks a bittersweet week for Gino, Victor and I, as we have wrapped up our field visits and must now leave Tarapoto and return to Lima. We have spent this last week comparing all of the data we acquired across our respective regions to get a better understanding of farmers’ cost structures and determine where prices in the market need to be in order for coffee farmers to remain profitable. This will be a crucial aspect of our final presentation as it will determine our recommendations regarding next steps for TechnoServe. Before our departure though, we also managed to squeeze in a visit to a highly recommended attraction in the San Martin region, known as “Laguna Azul.” The views were fantastic, and while the means of getting there were at times questionable, it was a great way to wrap up our time in Tarapoto. I have really come to enjoy working in the region and hope to one day be able to return for a visit!

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Marissa Garcia

Associate, CF – Institutional, Latin America New York, New York

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