With the initial framework for our study set up, we can now get to the good part: tasting! This week I learned how to do cupping, the process by which you assess the overall quality of coffee through its body, aroma and flavor. We also attended a coffee expo, which highlighted coffee from the Villa Rica region of Peru, and it was a great informal opportunity to speak to producers for the first time. The tasting didn’t stop there though. Lima is currently undergoing a gastronomic boom, which has led to an explosion of unique and innovative restaurants (I’m trying my best to get through them!). In fact, tourists are no longer using Lima as a stopover to head to Machu Picchu, but are coming here just to eat. Many would argue that Peruvian cuisine’s rise in international popularity is mostly through the efforts of resident chef, Gaston Acurio of La Mar fame. While Lima has undoubtedly been a great host, we are anxious to get to Tarapoto so that we can have “boots on the ground” and finally start testing all of the theories we have developed thus far. The warmer weather wouldn’t hurt either…

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Marissa Garcia

Associate, CF – Institutional, Latin America New York, New York

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