Our evaluation of the coffee sector in Peru is well underway! A lot of the current buzz surrounding the industry is being focused on "roya," or leaf rust - a fungus that has spread from Central America all the way down to Peru. It is estimated that the roya has damaged between 30-40% of this year's harvest in Peru alone. I met with the Ministry of Agriculture this week to learn about the planned government intervention taking place to help combat this fungus. Still, the general consensus among government officials and private enterprises alike is that the roya is not the problem, but instead it’s the lack of best practices for coffee production.

There is clearly a lot of political pressure to address this fungus as it affects the livelihood of so many citizens, but TechnoServe is trying to look beyond this short-term crisis and focus efforts on capacity building among farmers. We are continuing to conduct interviews with government entities, exporters, traders and other non-profit organizations in Lima to assess and prioritize the challenges facing the coffee value chain, after which we will head to Tarapoto for a month to work with farmers and cooperative organizations.

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Marissa Garcia

Associate, CF – Institutional, Latin America New York, New York

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