This week I stayed in Tarapoto while Marissa and Gino traveled to different locations. I had the opportunity to meet with various stakeholders of the coffee value chain from small coffee producers to exporters.

The interviews I conducted were with presidents and general managers of various associations, cooperatives, public and private enterprises as well as agricultural engineers. For example, on one of my visits Wagner Garcia (TechnoServe Coordinator – Café/Cacao) and I met with Filbert, a small coffee producer and president of an association in Pueblo Nuevo. I had the opportunity to interact with him in topics such as productivity, quality and sustainability of coffee in his region. Furthermore, Filbert invited us to take a look at his small coffee farm and explained to us a little bit about the best practices he has implemented.

This week has given me a profound perspective of the daily life of not only a small coffee producer but also with colleagues in the Tarapoto TechnoServe office who educate and motivate communities for a better quality of life. Next week I travel to Junin, another region in Peru, for additional field visits.

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Victor Cabral

Senior Compliance Analyst, L&C – Guideline Compliance Newport Beach, California

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