We have arrived in Tarapoto, San Martin. The weather is great, our TechnoServe colleagues in the Tarapoto office are very hospitable, and Gino, Marissa and I are getting acquainted with the area. This week we had a presentation by Tito Jaime, Deputy Director of the Tarapoto office. He gave us a general SWOT analysis of the coffee value chain in the San Martin region as well as some historical background. Now almost mid-way through our projects, my focus is to understand coffee productive practices and costs from a small coffee farmer’s perspective as it relates to production (volume, yield, etc.) and quality (best practices, certification, etc.). The most critical part of all this is to be able to gather data and conduct interviews with a significant sample size of small coffee farmers and all the stakeholders involved in coffee value chain. I must be able to identify the most critical problems and gaps and find opportunities for intervention in the coffee value chain. The following week will be filled with field visits and interviews.

Friday, August 30 was a national holiday in Peru and so our office was closed. With the assistance of Ericka, Administrative Assistant in the Tarapoto office, Gino and I organized a trip to Cusco to visit Machu Picchu. Visiting Machu Picchu was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget.

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Victor Cabral

Senior Compliance Analyst, L&C – Guideline Compliance Newport Beach, California

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