We have completed Week One in Lima, Peru, and it’s been quite busy! This trip and project have been exciting from the start. During our first week, Marissa, Gino and I have met TechnoServe staff, conducted research on the coffee industry in Peru, and further defined our scopes of work and deliverables. On Wednesday, we had a top-down, bottom-up training session related to the coffee industry which allowed us to learn about the different regions in Peru from a San Martín-based TechnoServe coordinator and a representative from a cooperative. My particular project is focused on identifying challenges and improvement opportunities in productivity, quality, and sustainability at the local farmer level.

Peruvian culture and food have been amazing! The ceviche is excellent, with different varieties of fish. I have managed to get some exercise in during the evenings and further get to know my colleagues. I will be in Lima for another week. During my third week, I will travel to Junín, a region in central Peru, to visit with local farmers, cooperatives, and private enterprises.

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Victor Cabral

Senior Compliance Analyst, L&C – Guideline Compliance Newport Beach, California

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