This week I was fortunate enough, with the assistance of TechnoServe staff, to travel to Junín with Guillermo Ganoza, a Forest Engineer, Lead Auditor for Sustainable Agriculture, Rainforest Alliance certifier and even a Master Coffee Cupper – licensed Q Grader. As you may recall from my week three blog I was previously unable to travel to this region due to road closures.

I cannot begin to describe to you how critical these field visits are and the importance of data gathering and analyzing. All the field visits I have conducted thus far have been extremely informative and it’s evident that the coffee producers and all who are part of the coffee business are passionate about coffee. For example, on my third day in Junín we visited Villa Rica, a German- and Austrian-influenced town. We visited and spent the whole day with Mr. Domingo Brack, a very influential coffee producer whose family has a history in Villa Rica and a strong presence in the coffee business. From our conversation I learned that there is a need and want for a change in the way Peru thinks about coffee production and quality.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and data-gathering with my colleagues for a successful project. Our last week in Tarapoto will be next week and for me I know it will be bittersweet since I have truly enjoyed my time here.

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Victor Cabral

Senior Compliance Analyst, L&C – Guideline Compliance Newport Beach, California

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