As we come into the third week, my original plan was to travel to central Peru, to a region called Junín, to visit from Tuesday to Friday and interview local producers, cooperatives, and businesses for a comparison study vs. San Martin, our region of focus. However, over the weekend “cafetaleros” (coffee growers) closed down roads into the region and asked government officials to form a dialogue to take concrete actions and assist local coffee growers to overcome the current coffee crisis due to the plague of yellow rust. Local media reports that in the region of Junín coffee growers have lost 90% of production this year.

As I continue my stay in Lima this week my focus will be to conduct interviews in Lima, start creating a very rough draft of our presentation, and create additional documents that will help us in conducting interviews and evaluating the coffee value chain as we make our way to Tarapoto for field visits in the coming weeks.

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Victor Cabral

Senior Compliance Analyst, L&C – Guideline Compliance Newport Beach, California

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