Six weeks down, three to go.

At this point Scott and I are working hard to pull our project deliverable together. It's a real challenge to develop a strategic plan for an entire industry, in a foreign country, with companies, people and politics that are still relatively new to us. But we now have our views, so our focus is on data collection and knowledge clarification so that the final product is substantiated and well-received.

Since TechnoServe does not have an office in El Salvador, we have used various coffee shops as our daily home base (how appropriate). There are two malls relatively close to our hotel; both are as nice as any in the U.S. The pictures below are from La Gran Via, an indoor/outdoor mall that has similarities to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA.

But just when you start feeling like you're back at home, something inevitably reminds you that you're still working in a developing country. In this case it was a sudden power outage from a passing lightning storm. It just comes with the territory...

On a lighter note, we've also tried to be active on weekends by exploring the surrounding areas. One recent weekend we visited the mountainous Apaneca region of El Salvador for a local religious festival plus a jungle hike to the stunning Don Juan Waterfalls. What better place to take on another challenge for a good cause -- the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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