This week we finished our field visits in Tingo Maria, worked from the office on our economic models and caught a flight to Tarapoto to continue our study of the feasibility of the wet mills.

On Thursday, we visited a farm near Rio Barranco that was probably the most beautiful coffee farm we have seen thus far. The river creates small streams of clear water running through the hillside of the family farm. The coffee farmers were also some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial that we had met in the Tingo Maria area. They installed tubes to carry their coffee cherry from the top of their farm to the bottom of the hill where they would complete the de-pulping and fermenting process - this innovation saved 30 minutes per trip down the hill! They used the waterpower from the streams to run the de-pulping machine and also to generate excess electricity for the family to use in the house. It was incredibly exciting to see the innovation of these farmers and I really appreciated the beauty of the landscape in this area.

On a homemade raft in the Rio Barranco region

Tarapoto is our second “home base” for our field interviews. Although we have only spent an afternoon there thus far, already, we are feeling at home. Although the city is hot and humid, it is more developed and has several appealing food and entertainment options. We will finish more field visits this week and then back to Lima for work on our final analysis and presentation.

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