I have just finished the first day of work at the TechnoServe (TNS) office in Lima. We worked closely with Enrique, the TNS country director in Peru, to formulate a timeline for our projects while in-country. We determined that to begin, we would focus on research of the wet mill model inputs and outputs as well as create an outline of our hypothesis for the models. The assignments we are working on in Peru are quite different from those at PIMCO as we are navigating a process that has more potential paths to a conclusion and fewer pre-determined best practices.

Lima has been a great introduction to Peruvian culture. Kai and I landed late on Saturday, but on Sunday morning we headed out to explore. We have both visited Lima previously but took the opportunity to wander along the coast in Miraflores and also to visit the historic city center where the Plaza de Armas and Plaza San Martin are located. Lima has embraced the traditional cuisines of the regions of Peru and we were able to sample some food and drink from Gaston Acurio, one of the most famous Peruvian chefs. We tried some scallop crudo along with some traditional drinks made out of the celebrated Peruvian liquor, pisco.

This week at the TNS office, we will meet with a specialist who will explain some details of the differentiation between specialty coffee and commodity coffee. This will provide some background as we begin formulating our economic models. We also intend to work on finalizing a paper that distills an extensive project completed by previous PIMCO volunteers into a shortened summary version. On Friday, we depart Lima for Tingo Maria where we will conduct interviews with farmers and begin the analysis for our economic models.

This experience has certainly pushed the boundaries of my comfort level given the broader scope of the work on this project and the need to transition to speaking a foreign language. In terms of our work, Kai and I are collaborating on the different models and helping to focus each other on specific tasks that will ultimately result in a successful analysis. I am also focused on improving my Spanish skills, especially given our upcoming departure for Tingo Maria.

That is all from Lima. Next update: Tingo Maria!

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Jordan Dudeck

Associate, Client Facing - Institutional Corporate

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