This week we completed most of our interviews with farmers and co-operatives. We collected the majority of the information that we need to model the feasibility of implementing a central wet mill. It is difficult, though, to create one single model since the locations of farms are so varied depending on the region and the impact of the roya is dependent on altitude and variety of coffee plant.

We spoke with several co-operatives this past week and they had differing views of the benefits of central mills. The Naranjillo co-operative already has several functioning wet mills and is looking to implement more as they believe it increases efficiency and quality. The Divisoria co-operative is less keen on the centralized milling process and prefers the farmers to complete the milling individually.

This will be our last week in Tingo Maria as we venture to Tarapoto next week to see the work done by previous PIMCO volunteer consultants and to interview farmers and co-operatives working with currently functioning central wet mills. While I am excited to return to Lima and venture to Tarapoto, I will be sad to leave behind the kind and generous TechnoServe colleagues based in Tingo Maria.

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Jordan Dudeck

Associate, Client Facing - Institutional Corporate

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