During our last field visit to the San Martín region, we concluded our interviews on central wet milling in the coffee industry in Peru. We visited three functioning wet mills of different sizes and also different organizational models ranging from community management to a small association of farmers and a privately-owned agricultural enterprise.

Nearby Tarapoto, we also had the opportunity to look at the cacao industry and its value chain. TNS supports farmers who harvest the fruits of improved agricultural practices which have the potential to more than triple their output. To get to the farm, we used the most important transport vehicle in ‘la selva,’ the tropical rain forest – a small boat that took us further down the Huallaga River. The San Martín region has also developed a competitive chocolate industry with small artisanal shops as well as horizontally integrated chocolate plants that cover the entire process from cacao bean fermentation to selling the pralines in their store.

Cacao fruit and the inside of a cacao fruit; the pulp is eatable and very sweet.

The Volunteer

Kai Friemel

Senior Associate, Client Facing - Germany/Austria

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