On Saturday night, I landed safe and sound in Lima after a long trip from Munich via Madrid.

On the first day, Sunday, Jordan and I explored the city by walking along the cliff that marks the south-western border of the city towards the Pacific. The grey cloudy sky you see on the picture has been characteristic of the weather that is surprisingly humid and fresh at the same time, but fortunately it has not been rainy.

The old city center is further inland and we took one of the newly introduced public busses there. As a marketing campaign, these buses are free on Sunday and therefore packed, which made the bus ride an experience by itself.

Today was our first day in the TechnoServe (TNS) office here in Lima. We were introduced to several consultants and staff. TNS is currently working on three main projects in Lima. In the north, TNS is working with a Swiss company on developing industries that aim to benefit from the growing international trade in the region. In central Peru, from the office in Tingo Maria, TNS operates to support the cocoa farmers as well as coffee farmers; the project is funded by USAID. We will fly to Tingo Maria for the field work part of our project on Friday and stay there for three weeks. The main task there will be to collect data by interviewing coffee farmers, managers of “cooperativas” and coffee traders. While TNS will help us get in touch with the interviewees, our challenge will be to actually connect with them and extract the data points needed for our analysis. This is a rather remote area of Peru which will have an adventurous flavor. Lastly, TNS is also running a project in cooperation with an international mining company that supports local companies and businesses to profit and take part in the economic growth through mining in southern Peru.

In the picture: The Gran Hotel Bolivar at Plaza San Martin in the city center, decorated with the Peruvian flag.

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Kai Friemel

Senior Associate, Client Facing - Germany/Austria

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