During this week our focus was on data gathering. We spoke to representatives of three cooperatives in the region. Two of them own central wet mills, but only one cooperative is actually operating central mills, and the third one considers central mills not to be attractive given the dispersed location of their farmers. This gave us insight into the local sentiment of important stakeholders regarding central mills and the operational and logistical issues of central wet mills. We also interviewed about 20 coffee farmers. We visited most of them at their (sometimes remote) fields.

To experience the broad diversity of farmers was a very interesting part of this data gathering process, from people just getting started in coffee production to entrepreneurs deepening their value chain by selling toasted and grinded coffee directly to clients as well as their own café latte ice-cream creations.

On Friday we are flying back to Lima and from there to our next field visit in Tarapoto.

The Volunteer

Kai Friemel

Senior Associate, Client Facing - Germany/Austria

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