After nine weeks of meetings, travel, and research, we finally completed our analysis of El Salvador’s coffee sector. I’m very happy with our final diagnostic of the sector, and am hopeful that our use of financial models and scenario analysis will help quantify the severity of the situation for many important organizations in the industry.

Not only did our presentation provide a detailed analysis of the current situation, but it also proposed several actionable ideas to help create a positive impact on the sector. The strategy was based on four key pillars: access to genetic material, technical assistance for producers, increased coordination between industry participants, and increased access to capital for renovation.

Today we met with four key stakeholders and presented our findings. It was an incredible opportunity to challenge my knowledge of Spanish and of the coffee industry, but I’m happy to report that the presentation was well received by all four organizations.

As our project comes to a conclusion, I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Though it’s not realistic to think that nine weeks of work can solve all of the problems that have been plaguing the industry for decades, I’m optimistic that our recommendations will serve as a guide to help focus future efforts in the country.

The Volunteer

Scott Argyres

Associate, FBG-Fund Statistics

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