PIMCO Foundation

Two Organizations, One Shared Vision: Final thoughts on the 2014 Emerging Enterprise Program

Sarah Middleton - Executive Director, The PIMCO Foundation

I am so impressed and so awed. We just welcomed back four extremely special PIMCO employees – the four volunteer consultants who have been on loan to TechnoServe through our Emerging Enterprise Program (EEP). Two volunteers, Jordan and Kai, spent five weeks in Peru working on an analysis of implementing central wet mills; and two more volunteers, Scott and John, spent nine weeks in Nicaragua and El Salvador developing a coffee sector industry strategic plan.

EEP would not be what it is – no way, no how! – without TechnoServe, our amazing non-profit partner in this endeavor. TechnoServe is one of the most innovative and inspiring NGOs I have ever come across. The organization fields a highly talented and gung-ho team – one that is on a mission to fight poverty with business solutions. I love talking to TechnoServe, designing EEP hand-in-hand, and learning from this brilliant organization.

While in Latin America, our volunteers lent their business skills and expertise to TechnoServe, and to the hardworking men and women TechnoServe aims to lift out of poverty. PIMCO volunteers approached their purposeful engagement work with one goal: to solve critical problems in a developing economy. Yet, this international stretch assignment also provided our volunteers with exciting leadership development opportunities, new competencies, and global and cultural awareness. The Emerging Enterprise Program is a true shared value initiative, and promotes business at its best – used to solve the world’s social problems.

Andrei Belyi - Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean, TechnoServe

The Emerging Enterprise program in partnership with TechnoServe has just completed its fourth year. This partnership has been a huge success, of which we are immensely proud.

Since 2011, thirteen PIMCO volunteers have worked on assignments that focused on TechnoServe’s two priority sectors – coffee and cocoa – in two regions: Peru and Central America. Their work has helped us better understand the sectors’ complex challenges and market gaps, identify opportunities and build roadmaps for solutions to improve the economic situation of thousands of farming communities in these countries. We use these studies to advance our mission of promoting business solutions to poverty.

We also seek to ensure that PIMCO volunteers have unique personal experiences of discovery in working and living in a developing country in Latin America, as these assignments often take place in remote locations among small farming communities. We look forward to continuing this strategic partnership with the PIMCO Foundation and welcoming a new group of volunteers in 2015.