Today is our second full day in Lima. It’s winter here with temperatures in the high 60s; a cool sun shines through the clouds. Lima is great – fantastic food, friendly people and great sight-seeing. We have already tried many of the typical dishes so far, such as Aji de Gallina, Lomo Saltado, and a variety of Ceviches and Tiraditos. We are very much enjoying the fresh seafood, as next week we will be eating more food typical of the jungle regions. We have explored the city quite a bit, from the catacombs in the Cathedral in the city center to the boardwalk in Mira Flores.

This morning Drew and I met with Victor, head of TechnoServe’s Peru office, to go through the project objectives and a summary of the progress to date - Alain and Nicole (our other two PIMCO EEP colleagues who have been in Peru for three weeks) have made great progress so far!

The rest of the week we will be going through more details on progress thus far, doing more research and making preparations for our trip to Tarapoto this coming Sunday. We are creating a field survey for our future interviews with around 40 farmers, where we hope to gain insights as to their use (or lack of use) of fertilizer for their crops.

Drew and I also spent time with Andrei, Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean, TechnoServe. He is excited about our project, as it is hopefully a fresh look at a problem many people are trying to solve - finding a way to get small farmers access to fertilizer.

There is a lot of value to be created, as Peru has over a hundred thousand coffee and cacao farmers.

I am very much looking forward to the rest of this experience!

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Gustavo Guevara

Project Manager, Technology

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