After a long red-eye flight from LAX, I landed in Lima on August 6, a cloudy Saturday afternoon. Parker arrived before me, however was off exploring the area south of Lima until late Sunday night, so I had the next two days to explore on my own. While waiting for the hotel to prepare my room, I took the opportunity to walk around Lima and the Miraflores district to get acclimated to the city.

Nine meandering miles later, my legs were burning a bit, but I had a better idea of the layout of the city. Lima is beautiful, with steep cliffs leading off into the Pacific Ocean and sprawling parks. On the way back I made sure to stop at La Mar, a well-regarded cevichería, for a taste of the seafood that Lima has to offer. As ceviche is the national dish, I wanted to be sure to have a taste upon my arrival, particularly as it is traditionally only served for lunch. As expected, it was delicious.

Returning to the hotel, I rested and reviewed last year’s EEP presentation, preparing for a Sunday lunch with Victor, our primary contact at TechnoServe. While we had originally planned to be in Lima longer, due to a change in plans, we would now be leaving Lima on Monday morning for Tingo María. I took the opportunity to learn more about Victor and get a sense of the project scope.

Wandering around Lima later Sunday night, I discovered another global phenomenon had made its way to Peru, as Pokémon Go had taken over the city. You can see hundreds of people standing around hotspots, heads down, smartphones up. Whether it has staying power remains to be seen, however it was great evidence of the world’s increasing globalization.

After catching up quickly late Sunday night, Parker and I prepared for our flight early the next morning. We’re both excited to get out into the field, learn more about the project, and get started!

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