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LPL financial advisors are being asked to do more than ever before:

Help with goal setting, estate planning, tax management, retirement planning, and more, all while grappling with uncertain markets and staying on top of an evolving universe of investment options. All of this can make portfolio construction challenging.

So, what’s the solution? Leveraging high-powered investment managers like PIMCO on LPL’s Model Wealth Portfolios Platform can help streamline the construction process, regardless of how much discretion you wish to retain in asset allocation decisions.

Our Model Portfolio Strategies provide:

  • Access to a variety of outcome-oriented portfolios, strategically constructed for current market conditions
  • Contextualization of PIMCO’s market views to better understand allocation changes, where the models fit in a portfolio and how they might complement other strategies
  • Efficient, scalable solutions
  • And finally, more predictable potential outcomes for your clients… allowing you to focus on addressing their unique needs and solving their problems.

PIMCO’s Model Portfolios put the power of nearly 50 years of investment management experience to work for you. They leverage the complete spectrum of our global resources and expertise – like all our investment strategies.

Allocations are guided by PIMCO's time-tested investment process. This rigorous, experienced approach benefits our models in three crucial ways:

  • Our forward-looking views of the global economy and markets are designed to help your clients get – and stay – ahead of the markets
  • Actively managed underlying funds seek to maximize opportunities and generate alpha potential.
  • And a sophisticated risk management platform helps to ensure a careful balance between opportunities and risks

Our portfolios are updated quarterly based on our robust portfolio construction process. We provide detailed insight on positioning changes so you can keep your clients up-to-date on shifts to their allocations.

To help meet the unique objectives of your clients, we offer two suites of model portfolios: Taxable Fixed Income and Tax Aware Fixed Income.

Learn more about how to put the power of PIMCO to work for you at

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Tina Adatia
Fixed Income Strategist
Olivia A. Albrecht
Head of ESG Business Strategy
Joshua Anderson
Head of Global ABS Portfolio Management
Robert Arnott
Founder and Chairman, Research Affiliates
Andrew Balls
CIO Global Fixed Income
Rachel Betton
Portfolio Manager, Municipal Bonds
Justin Blesy
Asset Allocation Strategist
David L. Braun
Head of US Financial Institutions Portfolio Management
Jelle Brons
Portfolio Manager, Global Investment Grade Credit
Nathaniel Brown
Director of the PIMCO Foundation
Erin Browne
Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation
Libby Cantrill
Head of Public Policy
Pramol Dhawan
Head of Emerging Markets Portfolio Management
Joachim Fels
Global Economic Advisor
David Fisher
Head of Traditional Product Strategies
Richard Fulford
Head of U.S. Defined Contribution
Adam Gubner
Portfolio Manager, Distressed Debt
Bill Gurtin
Gregory Hall
Head of U.S. Global Wealth Management
David Hammer
Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management
Mary Hoppe
Daniel H. Hyman
Head of Agency MBS Portfolio Management
Daniel J. Ivascyn
Group Chief Investment Officer
Mark R. Kiesel
CIO Global Credit
Christine Long
Head of Retirement Marketing
Jason Mandinach
Head of Alternative Credit and Private Strategies
Chantal Manseau
Head of U.S. Corporate Client Practice
Rene Martel
Head of Retirement
Scott A. Mather
CIO U.S. Core Strategies
Sean McCarthy
Head of Municipal Credit Research
Mohit Mittal
Portfolio Manager, Liability Driven Investment and Credit
James Moore
Alfred T. Murata
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
John Murray
Portfolio Manager, Commercial Real Estate
John Nersesian
Head of Advisor Education
Roger Nieves
Senior Advisor
Sonali Pier
Portfolio Manager, Multi-Sector Credit
Christina Pihos
Defined Contribution Marketing
Steven Pogorelec
Global Wealth Management
Chitrang K. Purani
Portfolio Manager, Financial Institutions
Libby Rodney
Steve A. Rodosky
Portfolio Manager, Real Return and Long Duration
Emmanuel Roman
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Sapra
Client Solutions & Analytics
Jerome M. Schneider
Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management
Marc P. Seidner
CIO Non-traditional Strategies
Greg E. Sharenow
Portfolio Manager, Real Assets
Anmol Sinha
Fixed Income Strategist
Candice Stack
Head of Client Management, Americas
Cathy Stahl
Global Head of Marketing
Tim Steffen
Senior Consultant, Advisor Education
Christian Stracke
Global Head of Credit Research
Geraldine Sundstrom
Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation
Richard Thaler
Distinguished Service Professor of Economics and Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business
Mark Thomas
Account Manager, Global Wealth Management
Jessica K. Tom
Senior Credit Analyst
Eve Tournier
Head of European Credit Portfolio Management
Jamie Weinstein
Portfolio Manager, Head of Corporate Special Situations
Tiffany Wilding
North American Economist
Andrew T. Wittkop
Portfolio Manager, Treasuries, Agencies, Rates
Chris Brightman
Chief Investment Officer, Research Affiliates
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