Economic Outlook

What to Expect From the Eurozone in 2018

Joachim Fels, Global Economic Advisor, Scott Mather, CIO U.S. Core Strategies and Olivia Albrecht, Fixed Income Strategist, discuss growth projections, their impact on inflation, and how more restrictive monetary policy may affect peripheral bond markets in the Eurozone.

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Olivia A. Albrecht
ESG and Fixed Income Strategist
Mike Amey
Head of Sterling Portfolio Management and ESG Strategies
Yacov Arnopolin
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Robert Arnott
Founder and Chairman, Research Affiliates
Francesc Balcells
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Jeremie Banet
Portfolio Manager, Real Return
Christopher Brightman
Chief Investment Officer, Research Affiliates
Julie P. Callahan
Portfolio Manager, Municipal Bonds
Libby Cantrill
Executive Office, Public Policy
John R. Cavalieri
Asset Allocation Strategist
Richard Clarida
Global Strategic Advisor
Joachim Fels
Global Economic Advisor
David Fisher
Head of Traditional Product Strategies
Richard Fulford
Account Manager, Head of U.S. Retirement
David Hammer
Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management
Daniel H. Hyman
Co-head, Agency MBS Portfolio Management
Daniel J. Ivascyn
Group Chief Investment Officer
Mark R. Kiesel
CIO Global Credit
Naila Makhdumi
Account Manager, Global Wealth Management
Jason Mandinach
Credit Strategist, Mortgage Strategies
Scott A. Mather
CIO U.S. Core Strategies
Sean McCarthy
Head of Municipal Credit Research
Lalantika Medema
Alternative Credit Strategist
James Moore
Co-Head of Client Solutions and Analytics
Raja Mukherji
Portfolio Manager, Head of Asian Credit Research
Alfred T. Murata
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
John Murray
Portfolio Manager, Commercial Real Estate
Sonali Pier
Portfolio Manager, Multi-Sector Credit
Lupin Rahman
Head of EM Sovereign Credit
Paul W. Reisz
Fixed Income Strategist
Emmanuel Roman
Chief Executive Officer
Loren Sageser
Credit Strategist
Jerome M. Schneider
Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management
Marc P. Seidner
CIO Non-traditional Strategies
Sapna Shah
Inclusion, Diversity and Culture Officer
Scott Steele
Head of Hong Kong and Singapore Global Wealth Management
Christian Stracke
Global Head of Credit Research
Geraldine Sundstrom
Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation
Eve Tournier
Head of European Credit Portfolio Management
Andrew T. Wittkop
Portfolio Manager, Treasuries, Agencies, Rates
Mihir P. Worah
CIO Asset Allocation and Real Return
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Investment Strategies

Getting Back in Balance with Core Bonds

Rising market volatility can be a good reminder of why investors have looked to core fixed income to anchor their portfolios. Scott Mather, CIO of U.S. Core Strategies, Mihir Worah, CIO of Asset Allocation and Real Return, and Mark Kiesel, CIO of Global Credit, explain why core bonds are key to portfolio diversification – an essential goal for many investors preparing for potential risks ahead. For more information, visit

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