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Daniel J. Ivascyn

Group Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Ivascyn is Group Chief Investment Officer and a managing director in the Newport Beach office. He is lead portfolio manager for the firm’s income strategies and credit hedge fund and mortgage opportunistic strategies. He is a member of PIMCO's Executive Committee and a member of the Investment Committee. Morningstar named him Fixed-Income Fund Manager of the Year (U.S.) for 2013, and he was inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Hall of Fame in 2019. Prior to joining PIMCO in 1998, he worked at Bear Stearns in the asset-backed securities group, as well as T. Rowe Price and Fidelity Investments. He has 31 years of investment experience and holds an MBA in analytic finance from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a bachelor's degree in economics from Occidental College.

Latest Insights

Resiliency Through Flexibility
31 August 2021
Lower yields are signaling the possibility of a slowing recovery, but PIMCO has several ideas to stay flexible to help maintain returns and hedge against risk, according to Group CIO Dan Ivascyn.
Positioning for a Growth Rebound
28 April 2021
Group CIO Dan Ivascyn discusses how to position portfolios for a strong resurgence in economic growth while defending against elevated inflationary and interest rate risks – including the potential for future tapering-related volatility.
Implications From our Cyclical Outlook
29 June 2021
Group CIO Dan Ivascyn discusses three main risks to inflation, expectations for rates and where we see some of the best opportunities today.
Preparing Portfolios for Recovery and Growth
05 February 2021
PIMCO Group CIO Dan Ivascyn discusses why we see positive prospects for growth in 2021, and highlights areas we think stand to benefit as the global economy recovers.
Reading the Road Ahead: Behind the Scenes at PIMCO’s Economic Forums
19 October 2021
Before Economic Forums were mainstream on Wall Street, our investment professionals were gathering to identify economic and market trends for our clients. Decades later, the cornerstone of our process is stronger and more important than ever.
Resilience Required: A Guide for Investors
12 July 2022
With companies, governments and investors reaching for resilience, Group CIO Dan Ivascyn discusses the importance of active management, the impact of inflation, and opportunities within public and private credit, real estate, and housing.
Finding Opportunity – and Security – in Securitized Assets
31 March 2022
In extremely uncertain environments, the extra protection that securitized assets may provide can help build resiliency at a relatively low cost. Dan Ivascyn, Group CIO, talks about where we see attractive opportunities in the securitized markets.
Taking Credit: Current Opportunities in Public and Private Markets
05 August 2022
Dan Ivascyn, Group CIO, explains why we’re excited about the significant opportunities we see now across the credit markets, and how PIMCO’s capabilities across both public and private markets makes us uniquely positioned to take advantage of current opportunities across the liquidity spectrum.
Higher Yields Mean More Value in Bonds Today
12 July 2022
Value has returned to fixed income from a longer-term perspective. Across PIMCO strategies, we’re more constructive about interest rate levels, and finding opportunities to generate attractive yield without sacrificing quality.
Seizing Opportunities as Valuations Improve
02 May 2022
Market volatility has lifted bond yields, which can create better long-term investment opportunities and generate higher income. Group CIO Dan Ivascyn discusses how investors can add exposure to areas that have become more attractive.
Navigating Volatility, Inflation and Rising Rates
15 February 2022
As the specter of tightening monetary policy creates uncertainty across markets, Group CIO Dan Ivascyn discusses flexible, defensive strategies that may help investors navigate inflationary risks and the bumpy path toward higher interest rates.
On Market Uncertainties, Bond Opportunities and the 60/40 Portfolio
16 June 2022
Watch Dan Ivascyn, Group CIO and Roger Nieves, Senior Advisor discuss market uncertainties, attractive starting bond yields and valuations, and what may spark renewed interest in the traditional 60/40 portfolio model.
PIMCO’s Outlook for Bonds
13 April 2022
Dan Ivascyn, Group CIO, discusses rising rates and volatility, where we’re seeing longer-term value, and the potential benefits of higher yields for active fixed income managers.
Guarding Against Inflationary Risks
02 May 2022
Dan Ivascyn, Group CIO, discusses our outlook for inflation and why it still makes sense to protect portfolios from its impact.
The Critical Role of Fixed Income
13 April 2022
Fixed income continues to play a critical portfolio role. Dan Ivascyn, Group CIO, discusses the evolving yield curve and how bonds can help bolster portfolios against negative economic scenarios, like market shocks or a slowdown in growth.
Economic and Market Commentary
Rude Awakenings
30 May 2018
We expect a more difficult market environment will surprise many investors as the post-crisis era ends. It’s time to position for the opportunities ahead.
Economic and Market Commentary
Dealing With Disruption
29 May 2019
Major secular drivers could disrupt the global economy and financial markets over the next three to five years. We share our views on risks and opportunities ahead.
Economic and Market Commentary
Age of Transformation
Investors should prepare to navigate unfamiliar terrain as the macroeconomic landscape undergoes dramatic transformations over the secular horizon.
Economic and Market Commentary
Escalating Disruption
The pandemic has amplified long-term disruptors, making credit selection and alpha generation increasingly important.
Economic and Market Commentary
Reaching for Resilience
Volatility, inflation, and geopolitical strain have countries and businesses focusing on defense. We argue for building resilience in portfolios in this fragmenting world, and delve into risks and opportunities we foresee over the next five years.
Income Strategy Update: Investing Amid Inflation Concerns and Lower Yields
We look across global bond markets to build a resilient and flexible portfolio.
Secular Outlook Takeaways: Escalating Disruption
The COVID shock has amplified disruptive trends, but we see global investment opportunities in the volatility ahead.
Key Takeaways From PIMCO’s Secular Outlook: Dealing With Disruption
In our latest Secular Outlook, we discuss our baseline long-term view for the global economy and share ideas for how investors can deal with disruptions. Here are the key takeaways.
Inflation Outlook: Relatively Range-Bound
Group CIO Dan Ivascyn discusses the factors that will likely keep inflation in check over the longer term.
Secular Outlook Takeaways: Age of Transformation
A radically different macro environment should yield good opportunities for investors able to navigate the difficult terrain.
Secular Outlook Key Takeaways: Reaching for Resilience
We believe shorter business cycles, elevated volatility, and diminished policy responses warrant a focus on portfolio resilience over reaching for yield.
5-Year Outlook: Asset Classes to Consider
10 November 2021
Get PIMCO’s views on credit, structured products, emerging markets, equities and private opportunities in this Super Secular Forum discussion with Dan Ivascyn, Group CIO.
2022 Focus: Expanding the Opportunity Set
15 December 2021
With inflationary risks and less accommodative policies likely to increase volatility, Group CIO Dan Ivascyn offers strategies that may hedge inflation, broaden the opportunity set and potentially earn stronger returns from more complex areas of the market.