StocksPLUS® Fund


Updated September 29, 2016


Seeks total return which exceeds that of the S&P 500 Index

Primary Portfolio

S&P 500 Index futures and short-term bonds


Fund Overview

An innovative solution to enhancing large cap equity returns

The Lipper-award-winning fund aims to outperform the S&P 500 Index by investing in equity-linked instruments, such as futures, providing the passive total returns of the S&P 500, plus an additional source of return potential.

Why Invest In This Fund

Offers the benefits of traditional passive and active investing

Traditional index funds aim to match the performance of a market index by investing in all, or a representative sample, of the stocks in the index. The fund goes further, combining passive exposure to the S&P 500 Index with additional return potential provided by an enhanced cash strategy. This unique approach allows the fund to retain key attributes of passive equity indexing, while also seeking to deliver market outperformance with low tracking error.

Provides alpha potential in one of the most efficient segment of the equity markets

Given the amount of research on U.S. large cap equities and how freely available information is in today’s market environment, it is one of the most difficult universes to outperform the passive index through stock picking. In the StocksPLUS strategy, excess returns are driven by a bond portfolio designed to generate alpha, adding a structural yield advantage that is repeatable and a proven way to outperform the S&P 500 over long investment time horizons..

Award winning performance

PIMCO has been recognized multiple times by Lipper as Best Group Large Equity for consistently strong risk-adjusted performance of our StocksPLUS strategies.

Our Expertise

PIMCO helped pioneer the innovative StocksPLUS strategy in 1986 – the same award-winning approach used across our “PLUS” portfolios, which capitalizes on the depth and breadth of PIMCO’s global resources. Today, we manage “PLUS” portfolios across a range of objectives and market exposures.


S&P 500 Index


S&P 500 Index is an unmanaged market index generally considered representative of the stock market as a whole. The Index focuses on the large-cap segment of the U.S. equities market. It is not possible to invest directly in an unmanaged index.








Sudi Mariappa

Portfolio Manager, Generalist

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Yields & Distributions

Historical Prices & Distributions

Distribution Yield (At Nav) as of 06/30/2016 1.76%
30 - Day SEC Yield as of 08/31/2016 1.54%
30 - Day SEC Yield as of 09/29/2016 -
Latest Dividend Distribution ($ Share) as of 09/15/2016 $0.03289
Dividend Distribution (YTD) as of 09/15/2016 $0.06404

Fees & Expenses

Total Annual Operating Expenses 0.56%
Net Operating Expenses Ex-interest 0.50%

Prices & Performance

Daily Statistics

All data as of 09/29/2016

NAV $9.07 One Day Return -0.87%
Daily Change $-0.08 Daily YTD Return 7.36%
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  • Average Annual Returns
  • Cumulative Returns

All data as of

  • Daily
  • Month End
  • Quarter End

All data as of

  • Daily
  • Month End
  • Quarter End

Calendar Year Returns %

All data as of

Growth of $10,000 (hypothetical)

Morningstar and Lipper

  • Morningstar Ratings
  • Lipper Rankings

Portfolio Composition

All data as of unless otherwise stated

Summary Characteristics - Index
Market Value %

Stocks in Portfolio 500
P/E Ratio (Forward) 17.85
Median Market Cap ($US MM) 76,702.49
P/E Ratio (Trailing) 19.71
Weighted Avg Market Cap ($US MM) 129,917.60

Top 5 GICS Sector - Index
Market Value %

Information Technology 21.00
Health Care 14.63
Financials 13.21
Consumer Discretionary 12.07
Industrials 10.11

Risk Characteristics
(Trailing 3 Years)

Standard Deviation 11.29
Sharpe Ratio 1.09
Information Ratio 0.16
Tracking Error 1.07

Sector Allocation - Duration in Years

US Government Related -0.51
Mortgage 0.28
Invest. Grade Credit 0.45
High Yield Credit 0.02
Non-USD Developed 0.00
Emerging Markets 0.01
Municipal/Other 0.02
Net Other Short Duration Instruments -0.23


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