Meet our People

  • Account Managers

  • Vanessa

    Vice President, Account Manager
    Client Management, Rio de Janeiro

    MBA, Duke Fuqua '12
    Prior experience: Policy
    Interesting fact: Speaks five languages

    The Internship

    "My summer internship experience was fantastic. The program structure really allowed me to experience the actual work I would do as an Account Manager. Rather than just working on a single project, we participated in many different activities and had access to anyone in the firm, including senior management. I traveled to Latin America with a lead account manager and got to present during a board meeting. Preparation for this meeting was challenging and stressful, but the experience was also rewarding because I had the opportunity to demonstrate both my technical and presentation skills."

  • Stephanie

    Vice President, Account Manager
    Client Management, Newport Beach

    MBA, USC Marshall '14
    Prior experience: U.S. Air Force
    Hobbies: Surfing, swimming and stand-up paddling

    Investment Management

    "Prior to business school, I was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force, flying C-17 cargo jets in support of combat, aeromedical evacuation and humanitarian operations across the globe. I chose to pursue a career in investment management because I wanted to transition from shepherding people and assets safely around the world to stewarding people's hard-earned investments safely to their retirement destinations."

  • Chloe

    Vice President, Account Manager
    Client Management, New York

    MBA, Chicago Booth '13
    Prior experience: Portfolio management
    Interesting Fact: Climbed four active volcanoes

    The Work

    "Since joining, my most interesting project has been working on our MBA presentation for PIMCO's annual Secular Forum. I worked closely with my classmates across business lines and geographies to research a deep dive into the labor market, prepare a presentation and deliver the material to the entire firm. While somewhat stressful, the experience was enormously rewarding, and I continue to the regard it as one of the highlights of my time at PIMCO."

  • Taylor

    Vice President, Account Manager
    Client Management, Newport Beach

    MBA, The Wharton School '14
    Prior experience: PIMCO Account Associate
    Hobbies: Avid San Diego sports fan

    The Culture

    "I previously was with PIMCO as an Account Associate. At that time, I was transparent about my interest in leaving for business school and returning as an Account Manager. I received very strong support from my direct manager and senior members of the firm. Various Account Managers shared valuable advice relating to the MBA application process and provided helpful insights into the skills required to excel as an Account Manager. I knew that my PIMCO colleagues would dedicate their own time to ensure that I had the guidance and resources that I needed to make the transition successfully, which is incredibly empowering. Their support helped me achieve my educational and professional goals."

  • Umberto

    Vice President, Account Manager
    Client Management, Munich

    MBA, London Business School '13
    Prior experience: Mergers and acquisitions
    Hobby: Volunteering

    Clients First

    "PIMCO's clients are sophisticated institutional and retail investors that trust PIMCO for the achievement of their financial risk/return objectives. This translates to a large extent into managing the assets that millions of individuals will rely on for the fulfillment of their long-term retirement needs. By servicing PIMCO's clients and by supporting them in the implementation of key strategic asset allocation decisions, I feel I am making a societal impact by contributing to increasing the wealth, and thereby shaping a better future, for millions of people."

  • Credit Research Analysts

  • Libby

    Vice President, Credit Research Analyst
    Portfolio Management, Newport Beach

    MBA, The Wharton School '13
    Prior experience: Investment banking
    Hobby: Yoga, golf and tennis


    "All MBA hires start at the same time and undergo a training process that includes tutorials on asset classes, market trends, evolving client needs and various opportunities within the firm. This training provides a better understanding of PIMCO's business and creates a solid network for new MBAs. Separately, my team holds weekly discussions on noteworthy market events or credits. Additionally, the group occasionally hosts outside sector or legal experts for teach-ins on more granular issues."

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Vicky

    Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager
    Portfolio Management, Newport Beach

    Master's, SIPA Columbia University '11
    Prior experience: Structured credit
    Hobby: Travel

    Why PIMCO?

    "I chose PIMCO because it's the perfect blend of short-term market technicals with long-term macroeconomic analysis. The best part of my job is being surrounded by super-bright people who challenge me to learn new things and get better every single day."

  • Robin

    Vice President, Portfolio Manager
    Portfolio Management, Munich

    MBA, London Business School '14
    Prior experience: Structural engineering
    Interesting fact: Worked for a championship-winning Formula One team

    Why PIMCO?

    "The thing that most attracted me to PIMCO was the intelligence and analytical rigor of all the employees I interacted with during the recruitment process. This impression has only been reinforced since joining the firm."

  • Product Managers

  • Olga

    Vice President, Product Manager
    Product Management, London

    MBA, Chicago Booth '12
    Prior experience: Credit derivatives
    Interests: Contemporary dance, classical ballet and modern art


    "It's a work in progress, but I am currently working on the development of a new strategy that we have never managed before in emerging markets. It has been a great learning opportunity."

  • Anmol

    Vice President, Product Manager
    Product Management, Newport Beach

    MBA, Columbia '14
    Prior experience: Consulting
    Hobby: Basketball

    The Culture

    "PIMCO's culture is very unique; it is an extremely collaborative team environment where you feel comfortable engaging and challenging each other's views to help develop and refine them.

    The inquisitive nature and intellectual strength that are hallmarks of PIMCO create constant and unparalleled learning opportunities."

  • Account Analysts

  • Emily

    Sr. Account Associate
    Institutional Client Servicing and Alternatives Marketing, Hong Kong

    Bachelor's, Oxford '13
    Major: Economics and management
    Hobbies: Travel and photography

    The Internship

    "After an initial introduction to VBA by an associate, I taught myself to code during the internship and was able to automate a number of reports for the team. It was extremely challenging at times but incredibly satisfying by the end, when the report could be completed with a click of a button. The highlight of the summer would probably be my presentation in front of peers and a number of senior investment professionals. The whole process was very rewarding, from the initial research, to talking to the team and putting the book together, to the final presentation and, ultimately, the feedback I received."

  • Preeyam

    Account Analyst
    Client Management, New York

    Bachelor's, New York University '14
    Major: Finance and management
    Hobby: Playing Tennis

    Investment Management

    "Investment management affords me the opportunity to study the financial trends of the past with an outlook toward the future. The term 'status quo' doesn't exist in the industry. It is made even more dynamic by the rapidly expanding global landscape, making it one of the most exciting careers in finance."

  • Nicholas

    Account Analyst
    Client Management, London

    Bachelor's, Queen's University Belfast '14
    Major: Finance
    Interests: Golf


    "The broad client management team in London has been fantastic at integrating me and my classmates onto the team. Initially we were supported by the Human Resources and Learning and Development teams. As my workload has steadily increased, so has my interaction with and support from my team. Their insights have helped me to gain a greater understanding of the processes here at PIMCO as well as the investment approach."

  • Bob

    Business Associate
    Executive Office, Newport Beach

    Bachelor's, UCLA '14
    Major: Economics
    Interests: Teaching and coaching speech and debate


    "The culture at PIMCO is very much focused on equipping new employees to succeed. I've found that PIMCO invests heavily in its employees through formal training programs as well as informal colleague-to-colleague mentorship and collaboration. I've yet to work with someone who hasn't been interested in helping me learn and grow into my role."

  • Hiroki

    Account Analyst
    Account Management, Tokyo

    Bachelor’s, Sophia University, Japan '15
    Major: International Business and Economics
    Hobby: Watching movies


    "My training at PIMCO consisted of onboarding programs which took place in Tokyo, and a two week fundamentals training in Newport Beach. The onboarding programs in Tokyo helped me understand our local business in Japan. The two week fundamentals training which I participated with colleagues across our global offices was a great experience. Not only did the training deepen my knowledge on our investment philosophy and wide range of capability across strategies, but also gave us the opportunity to experience our corporate culture."

  • Product Analysts

  • Lorenzo

    Product Associate
    Product Management, London

    Master's, Bocconi '13
    Major: Quantitative finance
    Hobbies: Playing the piano and drums


    "When I started last year, my team was in need of an infrastructure for monitoring accounts in a specific strategy. I was tasked to build out this infrastructure and deploy it on our team. The resulting deliverable has been a large source of efficiency for our team."

  • Oliver

    Account Associate
    Client Management, Munich

    Master's, WHU, Germany '13
    Major: Finance and economics
    Hobby: Hiking

    The Culture

    "By providing an intense, investment-driven working environment, PIMCO has offered me the opportunity to put academic knowledge into practice, understand the execution and rationale behind key trades in a broader portfolio perspective, and write the first chapter of my career."

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