We’re in the second half of our eight-week stay in Tarapoto and it seems like we just arrived. Week five started with a small discussion with TechnoServe’s Country Director in Peru, Dr. Víctor Ganoza. The discussion was very helpful as I discovered a few more legal aspects needed to start a business locally. I finished student workbooks related to different components of business plan training sessions. It was great to put my finance knowledge back into action. I created templates for a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and some simple problems related to breakeven analysis, NPV and IRR. I watched the Peru vs. Argentina soccer game on Tuesday evening in my red & white t-shirt during the pouring rain. On Friday, we met with Mr. Loren O. Stoddard, a USAID-Peru director, for an informal discussion and to learn more about USAID efforts in different regions. The week ended with a trip to Lamas on Sunday to observe local culture more closely.

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