Secular Outlook

The New Neutral Revisited – Active Investing for the Secular Horizon

Is the global economy still in The New Neutral? This is one of the central questions PIMCO investment professionals gathered to answer during our 2015 Secular Forum, May 18–20. This time around, we have identified six key trends that are likely to define the global opportunity set available to investors and the returns they can expect over a secular horizon. We also gauge the relative appeal of asset classes as long-term investments, and we explain the global significance of neutral.

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Olivia A. Albrecht
Mike Amey
Robert Arnott
Founder and Chairman, Research Affiliates
Francesc Balcells
Andrew Balls
Jeremie Banet
Philippe Bodereau
Andrew Bosomworth
Richard Clarida
Joachim Fels
Global Economic Advisor
David Fisher
Jason Hsu
Daniel J. Ivascyn
Andrew R. Jessop
Nicholas J. Johnson
Haran Karunakaran
Mark R. Kiesel
Jason Mandinach
Scott A. Mather
Raja Mukherji
Alfred T. Murata
John Murray
Lupin Rahman
Tanya Sanwal
Jerome M. Schneider
Marc P. Seidner
Greg E. Sharenow
Eve Tournier
Mihir P. Worah
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