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Retirement planning can be complicated in the best of times, and today’s uncertain markets only add to that complexity. As a global leader in active fixed income — the backbone of retirement portfolios — PIMCO is well positioned to help you and your clients navigate these challenges, as we have for 50+ years.

PIMCO Pro – Retirement Income Analysis


Income to Outcome: PIMCO’s Framework for Retirement Investing

Introducing Retirement Income Analysis, a new tool on the PIMCO Pro platform that allows you to implement our framework and create personalized retirement income plans for clients nearing or in retirement.

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Income Should Never Retire

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The PIMCO Retirement Income Analysis Tool (“Tool”) is intended to provide you with an analysis of your client’s potential income in retirement. It is based on the data and assumptions provided by you and your client. The outcome generated by the Tool is dependent upon the accuracy of the data and reasonableness of the assumptions. Assumed rates of return may reflect other historical returns as noted and all calculations are explained within the Tool. The use of any past performance by the Tool is intended for illustrative purposes only and may not be used to predict or project future performance. Historical performance cannot be duplicated. The hypothetical retirement income values are not guaranteed.

The Tool and materials generated by it (collectively “Materials”) take into account the information that you or your client provided. In assessing the adequacy of these Materials, you should consider all assets, income and investments - such as home equity, social security benefits, IRAs, savings accounts, annuities, and other plans that may provide retirement income.

Actual results will vary due to a number of individual factors (or a combination thereof), including but not limited to: market conditions and events; changes in interest rates; assumed and actual rates of return; actual product values; participation rates; product fees and charges; taxes; inflation; political events; or, natural and man-made disasters.

The Materials should not be considered a substitute for a product illustration. Refer to the carrier's illustration for more detailed product information, including product and annuity guarantees. Illustrated rates, returns and values will vary from those shown in these materials.

Product features, limitations, fees, charges and availability may vary by state and by broker dealer. Please refer to the product specific materials and prospectus for a full explanation of how the products shown in the Materials work.

A word about risk: Investment products contain risk and may lose value. There is no guarantee that an investment product will be successful in producing income.

PIMCO does not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your tax and/or legal counsel for specific tax or legal questions and concerns. The discussion herein is general in nature and is provided for informational purposes only. There is no guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness. Any tax statements contained herein are not intended or written to be used, and cannot be relied upon or used for the purpose of avoiding penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service or state and local tax authorities. Individuals should consult their own legal and tax counsel as to matters discussed herein and before entering into any estate planning, trust, investment, retirement, or insurance arrangement.

For financial professionals: The implementation of, or reliance on, a portfolio allocation provided by the tool is left to your discretion. PIMCO is not responsible for determining the securities to be purchased, held and sold for a client's account(s), nor is PIMCO responsible for determining the suitability or appropriateness of a portfolio allocation or any securities included therein for any of your clients. PIMCO does not place trade orders for any of your clients' account(s). Information and other marketing materials provided to you by PIMCO concerning a portfolio allocation - including holdings, performance and other characteristics - may not be indicative of a client's actual experience from an account managed in accordance with the portfolio allocation.

PIMCO as a general matter provides services to qualified institutions, financial intermediaries and institutional investors. Individual investors should contact their own financial professional to determine the most appropriate investment options for their financial situation. This material contains the current opinions of the manager and such opinions are subject to change without notice. This material has been distributed for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation of any particular security, strategy or investment product. Information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but not guaranteed. No part of this material may be reproduced in any form, or referred to in any other publication, without express written permission. PIMCO is a trademark of Allianz Asset Management of America L.P. in the United States and throughout the world. ©2021, PIMCO