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Fraud Warning

PIMCO is aware of scams that occur from time to time in which third parties target members of the public by falsely using PIMCO’s name (and at times names of its employees) in an attempt to commit fraud.

These scams may involve individuals falsely purporting to be from PIMCO and promoting fraudulent investments and cryptocurrency-related services via telephone or messaging services or fraudulent websites. We are warning clients and investors that any such activity is completely unaffiliated with PIMCO.

PIMCO’s legitimate email domains are: @pimco.com, @uk.pimco.com, @de.pimco.com, @Pimcopre.com and @azoa.com. If you have been contacted by someone purporting to be from PIMCO who you do not recognise or if you have any other security concerns relating to any other communications of any nature purportedly from PIMCO, please report the matter (with copy of the relevant communications) to fraud@pimco.com .

We strongly advise that if contacted by persons whom you do not recognize, you do not take any action and do not share any personal information including bank details.

If you are concerned that you have provided information of a personal nature to these individuals, we would advise you to contact Europol’s cybercrime unit and report this.

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, we advise you to report it immediately to your bank and to the Police.


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