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국경 너머: 기회를 발견하여 고객 역량을 강화합니다

프라몰 다완, PIMCO 신흥 시장 총괄, 진화하는 신흥 시장 역학과 회사의 고유한 전략, 글로벌 입지 및 강력한 관계가 고객이 자산군을 탐색하는 데 어떻게 도움이 되는지 탐구합니다.

Text on screen: PIMCO

Text on screen: Beyond Borders: Empowering clients by Uncovering Opportunities

Images on screen: New York City skyline, Pramol on a call in his kitchen

Text on screen: Day Starts, 5:30 AM, New York

(Ambient audio) Hey, how’s everything going in Turkey this morning?

Emerging markets is a 24 hour news cycle.

We try to live the news flow versus being reactive to the news flow.

(Ambient audio) The only other thing that we probably want to think about just on that is the correlation with the duration.

Text on screen: Pramol Dhawan, Portfolio Manager

I'm Pramol Dhawan. I'm the head of emerging markets here at PIMCO.

Images on screen: Pramol starting the day at his house, leaving his house, and riding a bike through Central Park, arriving at the PIMCO office in New York with the New York skyline and New York office trade floor in the background. It also shows other investment professionals at PIMCO offices across the globe, including Newport Beach, California, Hong Kong, Latin America, South Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Typically my day starts by looking at my phone, checking emails, getting updates from what's happened overnight in Asia, in Europe, so that we can catch up with the news flow in the New York time zone.

Text on screen: Daily Calls, 7:30 AM, New York, 12:30 PM, London, 8:30 PM Hong Kong

Once we're up to speed, then we have daily calls which help us to harmonize that news flow and distill it into actionable ideas for our portfolios.

Emerging markets overtook the US as the largest pool of credit in the world.

Text on screen: Over 80 countries

Images on screen: Streets of Mumbai, India, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil skyline, Cape Town, South Africa skyline

20 years ago there were very few countries. And now there's over 80 countries.

Images on screen: New York office trade floor

We philosophically believe that this is an asset class that necessitates being well resourced.

Text on screen: London

Images on screen: London office trade floor

We do that by having a large geographically dispersed team. There's almost a hundred people covering emerging markets.

Scale is important to everything we do at PIMCO.

Images on screen: New York office trade floor

Our scale is our single biggest advantage in this asset class.

Text on screen: Newport Beach

Images on screen: Newport Beach office trade floor

And it's not just the scale in terms of resources that we have, it's a scale in terms of the investments that we put to work in these countries.

PIMCO's really been at the forefront of this asset class for over 25 years. That means that policy makers, whether it's central bankers or governments, they know us as a long-term investor, a really reliable long-term partner within their countries.

Images on screen: New York office trade floor, Pramol in his office, Newport Beach and London office trade floors, New York office conference room

PIMCO's reputation, size and history within these countries allows us access that we can have very candid conversations.

The ability for us to be geographically present on the ground in many of these countries, has allowed us to create and cultivate very strong relationships. That not only gives us great access to deal flow, but good access to information.

Images on screen: London skyline, stock market ticker, New York office trade floor and conference room

Our investment approach is slightly different than most others on the street.

Text on screen: Top-down process, Bottom-up process, Security Selection, Optimizing Beta

Most others will be more top down focused. We really harmonize that with a bottom up approach.

That really focuses on security selection. It focuses on optimizing the beta of the asset class, which is a very difficult beta to be able to replicate.

So we have systematic tools, algorithms which run on our portfolios, which help us to deliver that beta in just a much more efficient way for our clients.

Images on screen: New York skyline, stock market ticker, New York office trade floor and conference room

Text on screen: Emerging Markets Portfolio Committee, 9 a.m., Newport Beach, 12 p.m., New York, 5 p.m., London

Images on screen: New York, London and Newport Beach office conference rooms

The Emerging Markets Portfolio Committee is effectively the uploader of the emerging market view to the firm, but the downloader of the investment committee risk factor views and macroeconomic data.

That's really what we're trying to gain from our firm's investment committee, to help us to understand what's in market pricing, what the trajectory of monetary policy may be in the US, and really looking to that as a playbook to help guide our emerging market investments.

For us to have that symbiotic view with the firm's investment committee is essential. It's an essential part of our investment process.

Images on screen: New York office trade floor

I love helping our clients and really being a trusted partner to help them navigate the volatility within this asset class.

Text on screen: PIMCO


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