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Erin Browne

Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Strategies

Ms. Browne is a managing director and portfolio manager in the Newport Beach office, focusing on asset allocation strategies, including PIMCO’s multi-asset funds and RealPath Blend target date offerings. She manages multi-asset strategies, leads the Glide Path leadership team, and has served as a rotating member of the Investment Committee. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2018, Ms. Browne was a managing director and head of asset allocation at UBS Asset Management, helping to drive the firm's macro research, capital market assumptions, tactical asset allocation, and strategic asset allocation views across asset classes. Previously, she was head of macro investments at UBS O'Connor, a multi-strategy hedge fund manager, and a global macro portfolio manager at Point72 Asset Management. She has also held roles at Citigroup, Moore Capital Management, Neuberger Berman, and Lehman Brothers. She regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and in other financial news media. She serves as the board treasurer of the Ecology Center and is on the advisory board of Girls Who Invest. She has 21 years of investment experience and holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Georgetown University.
Erin Browne

Latest Insights

Economic and Market Commentary
Positioning Portfolios for Today’s Markets
18 May 2023
Find out how we’re positioning portfolios across global asset classes, and why we remain cautious on risk overall, with Erin Browne, portfolio manager and head of asset allocation.
Economic and Market Commentary
Targeting Relative Value Opportunities
18 May 2023
Learn how we’re finding interesting relative value opportunities across asset classes and within asset classes, and why we think there are many reasons to be excited about the opportunities ahead, with Erin Browne, portfolio manager and head of asset allocation, and Justin Blesy, asset allocation strategist.
Economic and Market Commentary
Whether Pause or Pivot, Look to Bonds
10 May 2023
An allocation to fixed income may help investors navigate a potential recession as well as uncertainty around the Federal Reserve’s policy trajectory.
Economic and Market Commentary
Risk-Off, Yield-On
16 November 2022
With interest rates higher amid a challenging macro environment, we see a compelling case for bond allocations and are cautious about higher-risk investments.
Economic and Market Commentary
Building Resiliency Amid Uncertainty
16 November 2022
We are focused on positioning multi-asset allocation portfolios to withstand a wide range of potential economic outcomes, and we see select opportunities for active investors.
Markets send mixed economic signals – and open the door for active bond investors
09 August 2022
As the Fed continues to combat inflation, stock and bond markets are pricing in different recessionary risks - with a richer opportunity set now emerging for active fixed income investors.
Three Ways to Help Hedge Inflation Risk
26 May 2022
There are many ways to help make portfolios more resilient to inflation: We highlight three attractively priced inflation hedges now: EM currencies, green energy and real estate.
Does the 60-40 Portfolio Still Make Sense?
26 May 2022
In this uncertain environment with increased inflation risk, portfolio construction will be key going forward, and we think investors should consider expanding the number of diversifiers in their portfolios.
Economic and Market Commentary
Late‑Cycle Strategies
03 May 2022
We assess risks and potential opportunities for multi-asset portfolios amid late-cycle dynamics, higher inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical uncertainty.
How Can Transformation Lead to Opportunity in 2022?
20 December 2021
Hear PIMCO’s asset allocation takeaways on where we see the most compelling opportunities in the age of transformation.
Asset Allocation Outlook for 2022
20 December 2021
Learn how PIMCO is positioning portfolios across asset classes – including Equities, Rates, Credit, Real Assets, and Currency Markets.
Asset Allocation Views: Opportunity Amid Transformation
07 December 2021
Disruptive trends and fatter tail risks highlight the importance of selection within asset classes and regions.
Mid-Cycle Investing: Growth-Oriented and Selective
15 July 2021
Look to growth-oriented assets, like equities and credit, as we move into a mid-cycle environment, but keep in mind that dispersion will likely drive returns and selectivity will be crucial.
Comparing Risk Assets in Mid-Cycle Markets
15 July 2021
Growth-oriented asset classes are likely to shine, but not equally. Geraldine Sundstrom and Erin Browne discuss our views across asset classes, including equities, credits, currencies and rates, and how we’re positioning for a mid-cycle environment.
Economic and Market Commentary
Mid‑Cycle Investing: Time to Get Selective
14 July 2021
Amid an ongoing recovery, but past peak growth, we favor a risk-on stance with deliberate sector and security selection in multi-asset portfolios.
Navigating the Growth Rebound
29 January 2021
The global economy has moved from a late-cycle to an early-cycle environment in less than a year. Positioning portfolios today means taking advantage of new cycle opportunities – in select equities, credit, and emerging markets – while defending against the risks that remain.
Asset Allocation Views: Early Cycle Investing
05 January 2021
In this abridged version of our latest <span style="font-style:italic">Asset Allocation Outlook</span>, we discuss the opportunities and risks of investing in an early cycle recovery.
Economic and Market Commentary
Prolonging the Expansion
19 February 2020
We discuss portfolio positioning for our outlook of economic momentum recovering in 2020, but with certain risks at elevated levels.
Economic and Market Commentary
Easing Into Slowing Growth
28 August 2019
We share our views on investing across asset classes amid mounting signs the global economic expansion is losing momentum.
Economic and Market Commentary
Late Cycle vs. End Cycle Investing
30 January 2019
Insights for an aging expansion
Economic and Market Commentary
Opportunity Amid Transformation
Investment opportunities, and risks, are evolving as the global economy enters an age of transformation.