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Marc Seidner

CIO Non-traditional Strategies

Mr. Seidner is CIO Non-traditional Strategies and a managing director in the Newport Beach office. He is also a generalist portfolio manager and a member of the Investment Committee. He rejoined PIMCO in November 2014 after serving as head of fixed income at GMO LLC, and previously he was a PIMCO managing director, generalist portfolio manager and member of the Investment Committee until January 2014. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2009, he was a managing director and domestic fixed income portfolio manager at Harvard Management Company. Previously, he was director of active core strategies at Standish Mellon Asset Management and a senior portfolio manager at Fidelity Management and Research. He has 36 years of investment experience and holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College.
Marc Seidner

Latest Insights

Economic and Market Commentary
The Time for Bonds
20 April 2023
In these highly uncertain times, bonds now offer investors attractive yields, plus diversification and capital appreciation potential.
Data Alters Market's Expectations for Peak Policy Rate But Not Outlook for Fed Cuts
27 February 2023
Strength in employment and inflation has caused markets to raise the implied terminal rate while still expecting the Fed to normalize policy – which is different from easing – in 2024
Economic and Market Commentary
Fixed Income Returns in 2023
30 January 2023
Higher Bond Yields Can Be Fundamental to a Recession Investing Playbook
01 December 2022
How we’re thinking about investing against a backdrop of inflation uncertainty, geopolitical tension, and likely recession.
After Historic Market Moves, Outlook for Bonds Improves
21 June 2022
This year’s surge in yields is restoring value to the bond market, especially with the likelihood of a recession rising, although it remains uncertain when market momentum might turn.
Yield Curve Inversions Signaling Caution Rather Than Recession
01 April 2022
Parsing the yield curve can lead to a variety of conclusions about whether a downturn is coming, while underscoring the importance of flexibility.
2022 Outlook: Inflation in Context
28 January 2022
Get our view on why inflation remains persistently elevated, where we think it’s headed and why yield levels remain relatively low despite concerns about inflation risk.
Positioning Portfolios in a Fast Moving Cycle
27 January 2022
Explore our take on investing amid full valuations and higher volatility, why selectivity matters and how we’re positioning portfolios to maintain their long-term potential while taking advantage of short-term market moves.
Investing Amid Higher Volatility and Uncertainty
27 January 2022
Learn why we’re likely to see more volatility and uncertainty in 2022, the three important developments impacting the outlook and how investors can navigate the fast-moving cycle ahead.
Facing Challenges With Flexibility
08 November 2021
Fixed income investors have long benefited from a flexible approach, which today may be especially valuable in helping combat current market challenges and further enhancing the diversification potential of bonds. Learn more with Marc Seidner, CIO Non-traditional Strategies.
Cyclical Outlook: Peak Policy, Peak Inflation, Peak Growth
30 June 2021
Learn key insights from our recent Cyclical Forum, including our outlook on policy, inflation and growth, and how investors can navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Short-Term Reference Rates at a Crossroads
18 May 2021
Market participants have been hesitant to accept SOFR as the successor to Libor, but uniting around a single reference rate is increasingly important to keep benchmark markets from becoming fragmented.
Where We See Opportunity in Risk Assets
03 May 2021
We see opportunity in public and private credit markets, find value in non-agency mortgages and prefer cyclicals to growth stocks – with a focus on flexibility and active management to find the winners in the global rebound.
Treasury Issuance Could Aid Adoption of SOFR Benchmark
29 April 2021
As regulators push to transition away from Libor, sales of Treasuries linked to the successor rate could boost the new benchmark’s credibility and expand nascent markets for related debt and derivatives.
Surge in Rates May Be Overstating the Case for Inflation
08 March 2021
Longer-dated Treasury yields have climbed as markets consider whether economic growth and inflation expectations might accelerate more rapidly. We believe inflation pressures will remain in check and bond yields will be range-bound.
Lessons From the March 2020 Market Turmoil
11 February 2021
Markets largely held up in last year’s liquidity crunch, but we believe policymakers should address a few soft spots.