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Additional Investment Strategies

Separate Accounts

Separate accounts offer institutional investors access to a broad range of PIMCO’s investment strategies, asset allocation expertise, risk management capabilities, and comprehensive client servicing. Investment professionals tailor and manage portfolios to meet each client’s unique guidelines and objectives, providing incremental transparency and flexibility beyond some other investment vehicle types. Separate account availability will typically depend on the size and scope of the client’s desired level of investment with PIMCO. Investors in separate accounts may include corporate pension plans and treasury departments, foundations and endowments, public pension plans, financial institutions, sovereign wealth and supranational organizations, family offices, among others.

Alternative Investments

For over 15 years, PIMCO has provided investors access to alternatives strategies spanning global macro, commodities, risk premia, structured and corporate credit, and residential and commercial real estate markets.

Collective Investment Trusts

PIMCO manages collective investment trusts (CITs) that offer retirement plan sponsors, insurance company accounts and other qualified investors the flexibility to invest across a broad range of assets and strategies as well as a simple structure and relatively low costs.

Variable Insurance Trusts

Variable life insurance and variable annuity contracts can invest in a broad range of PIMCO strategies through variable insurance trusts. Qualified pension and retirement plans may also be eligible to purchase shares in PIMCO’s variable insurance trusts.

ESG Investing at PIMCO

PIMCO manages a range of dedicated ESG strategies founded on the belief that it’s possible to achieve both attractive financial returns and positive change.

Client Investment Solutions

Actively managed strategies designed to help your clients navigate markets and reach their goals.

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