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Joshua Anderson
Portfolio Manager, Asset-Backed Securities
Robert Arnott
Founder and Chairman, Research Affiliates
Amit Arora
Portfolio Manager, Investment Grade
Rachel Betton
Michael Biemann
Fixed Income Strategist
Justin Blesy
Asset Allocation Strategist
Philippe Bodereau
Portfolio Manager, Head, Credit Research Europe
Geoffrey Bowers
Credit Strategist
Jelle Brons
Portfolio Manager, Global and U.S. Investment Grade Credit
Erin Browne
Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation
Esteban Burbano
Fixed Income Strategist
Kenneth Chambers
Fixed Income Strategist
Rick Chan
Portfolio Manager, Global Macro Hedge Fund Strategies
Devin Chen
Portfolio Manager, Commercial Real Estate
Gang Chen
Nathan Chiaverini
Barbara Clancy
Head of PIMCO Latin America and the Caribbean
Michael Connor
Derivatives Strategist, Quantitative Strategies
Jennifer D'Anastasio
Advisor Education, Global Wealth Management
Josh Davis
Global Head of Risk Management
John M. Devir
Portfolio Manager
Pramol Dhawan
Portfolio Manager
Christoph Donner
PIMCO Prime Real Estate
Matt Dorsten
Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Strategy
Marissa Dyrdahl
Product Strategist
Alex Etzkowitz
Brett Gorman
David Hammer
Portfolio Manager
Campbell Harvey
Partner, Director of Research, Research Affiliates
Joseph Healy
Daniel J. Ivascyn
Group Chief Investment Officer
Sean Klein
Head of Client Business Strategy – Client Solutions and Analytics
Brian Koscielak
Fixed Income Strategist
Brandon Kunz
Global Wealth Management
Brian Leach
Credit Strategist
Jason Mandinach
Head of Alternative Credit and Private Strategies
Rene Martel
Head of Retirement
Jim Masturzo
CIO, Multi-Asset Strategies, Research Affiliates
Ryan McMahon
Global Wealth Management
Mohit Mittal
CIO Core Strategies
James Moore
Alfred T. Murata
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
Vijendra Nambiar
Product Strategist, Pension and Investment Solutions
John Nersesian
Head of Advisor Education
Rick Pagnani
Niels K. Pedersen
Quantitative Research Analyst, Asset Allocation Research
Jessica Pestronk
Account Manager, Global Wealth Management
Caleb Pitters
Head of U.S. Nonprofit and Private Family Capital Practice
Georgi Popov
Product Strategist
William Quinones
Product Strategist
Paul W. Reisz
Fixed Income Strategist
Graham A. Rennison
Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Chris Santore
Quantitative Strategies
Alison Schiraldi
Jerome M. Schneider
Portfolio Manager
Marc P. Seidner
CIO Non-traditional Strategies
Omid Shakernia
Head of Research, Research Affiliates
Greg E. Sharenow
Portfolio Manager, Commodities and Real Assets
Katrina Sherrerd
Vice Chair, Research Affiliates
Wade Sias
Anmol Sinha
Matthew Sinni
Nikolas Skouloudis
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Aaron Smith
Pension Solutions Strategist
Michael Story
Fixed Income Strategist, Emerging Markets
Christian Stracke
President, Global Head of Credit Research
Mark Thomas
Account Manager, Global Wealth Management
Scott Thomson
Ashish Tiwari
Product Strategy, Asia-Pacific and Hedge Funds
D. Alan Trice
Dimitris Tsitsiragos
Bryan Tsu
Portfolio Manager
Tracy Wills-Zapata
Alternatives Sales, U.S. Global Wealth Management
Kevin Winters
Andrew T. Wittkop
Portfolio Manager, Treasuries, Agencies, Rates
Mike Cudzil
Portfolio Manager
Christopher J. Brightman
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Research Affiliates
Ryan Mulvey
Avi Tillu
Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund Strategies
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Investment Strategies/Strategy Spotlight Update : Dan Ivascyn and Esteban Burbano
Investment Strategies/Strategy Spotlight Update : Dan Ivascyn and Esteban Burbano
December Municipal Market Update: Munis Cap 2023 With Big Rally; Fundamentals Remain Strong
November Municipal Market Update: Looking Past the Negative Municipal Credit Headlines
Rethinking Retirement Spending Rules: A Market-Based Approach

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